10 Ways to Write a Better Business Email

10 Ways to Write a Better Business Email

To reach a bigger audience and get better results, you need to write a better email. With a recession looming, the competition is going to get even more fierce, so you need to get even more aggressive. Here are 10 ways you can write a better business email:

1)  Do your research and see what your competition is doing. Decide what your message is going to be for your content. Don’t deviate and stick to a single, hard-hitting message.

2) Formulate a strategy. What is your competition offering and how are they presenting it? Can you beat their price? Do you offer better service? Free home delivery? Use any advantage you have and implement it in your email campaign.

3) Write a kick-ass subject headline. Try some headlines that cut through the clutter and try it out to see which one grabs the most attention. Do an A/B. test. Go with the one that friends, coworkers, or your spouse like the best. Here are some subject line suggestions: A New List of Unbelievably Awesome Subject Lines

4) Make your email content friendly and conversational. If you need to put in information to back up your claim, use bullet points to make your content easier to read.

5) Create a compelling offer or hook. Give your audience a bigger discount. If you were offering 10% off, make it 15%. If you’re a health club, give them a free one-day pass. If you’re a bakery, give them a free flaky pastry like a Danish or strudel on Flaky Friday. Add urgency. Get right to the point. Keep it simple. Keep it short.

6) Segment and personalize your email content by including your prospect’s first name in the subject line or include their company name. Personalization can improve open rates in your email campaign by up to 26%. Segmenting your audience can improve sales by more than15%.

7) Optimize your email content with a larger target audience. Include relevant links and keywords. Buy a reliable email list from a trusted source. These guys are good and inexpensive: theemaillistcompany.com

8) Add a list or graphic to your email content. Lists and infographics are shared more than any other than any other kind of content.

9) Add urgency to your email content like “This week only” or “Ends Soon.” Put a call-to-action in the last sentence and add a CTA (Call to action) button if possible.

10) Proofread and refine your email content. Do another A/B test. You need another set of eyes for a more objective point of view. Make any tweaks or revisions. Now you are ready for the races. 

11) These are just a few of many ways you can write a better business email, improve conversion and increase sales. For a free consultation and demo, contact Ian at Octane Online Marketing.