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Targeted Marketing

Marketing strategy designed incorporating specific customer preferences

A business owner must know the audience that you are trying to communicate to, to concentrate on your marketing efforts, and it means more than just knowing their demographics.

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Targeted marketing groups potential clients, identifies their preferred content presentation mode and digital trends, and later builds a marketing strategy meant for that specific group. Targeted marketing is generally limited in scope but is often more productive than broader types of marketing because it is designed to encompass specific customer preferences.

you employ targeted marketing, the campaigns are personalized according to your audience and you gain benefits such as: separating you from your competitors gives reasons for your customers to come to you, and acts as a differentiator for your services.

Targeted marketing recognizes an audience anticipated to buy services or products and promotes those services or products to that audience. Once these target groups are identified, businesses develop marketing strategies and specific products for those preferred market segments.

There are four main Targeted Marketing Strategies

  • Geographic Strategies locate audiences from a particular location, such as a state or neighborhood. 
  • Demographic Strategies locate audiences with characteristics like race, age, or gender.
  • Psychological Strategies look for aspired personality traits such as previous purchases of a product.
  • Attractiveness and Relative Ability– Once these elements have been determined, the marketing campaign is made niche by evaluating if the recognized audience is likely to be interested in the specific product. It is evaluated in connection with the ability of the company to meet that audience’s needs and wants.

At Octane Online Marketing, we analyze your business, company, market, and your customers. We create a custom targeted marketing strategy for your company. Without a substantial strategy in place, marketing plans and tactics are simply guesswork. Later we craft a marketing plan based on the strategy. We consult you with the strategy to execute the marketing plan. You may also take our team of experts to execute the plan.

Our Targeted Marketing Services

Though content can be anything you want your clients to know about your product,

which you advertise on different platforms.

Undifferentiated Marketing

To ignore the distinctions between market segments and handles the whole market as one, single target. So basically, there is no targeting at all. Everyone is a possible customer.


Micromarketing goes just that one step ahead of concentrated marketing. It is creating a niche within a niche market. Micromarketing targets a specific group (restricted microsegments), or individual, inside of a niche market.

Differentiated Marketing

Also identified as ‘segmented’ marketing and involves separating several prime target segments that have the most potential value for the brand. Once a brand has fixed those few targets, the plan is then to design separate marketing strategies for each segment.

Concentrated Marketing

Concentrated marketing is usually called ‘niche marketing’. Niche marketing places all of its focus on one, or a few, narrow, particular consumer groups. Brands channel all of their marketing forces towards their uniquely assigned segment of the consumers, to own this particular segment above their competitors.

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Though content can be anything you want your clients to know about your product,

which you advertise on different platforms.

What is Targeted Marketing?

Targeted marketing identifies an audience likely to buy services or products and promotes those services or products to that audience.

How will Octane Online Marketing help in Targeted Marketing?

We identify your target audience and groups. We develop marketing campaigns and specific products for these preferred market segments.

Why is Targeted Marketing necessary?

Target marketing is necessary because it’s a part of a holistic marketing strategy. It impacts advertising, as well as customer experience, branding, and business operations.

Who employs Targeted Marketing?

Companies that offer specialized products or services mostly benefit the most from using targeted marketing strategies. Focusing marketing efforts on specific groups who are more likely to respond increases the chances that the marketing efforts will be relevant to those groups. When marketing is suitable, people are more likely to spend money on that service or product.


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