You can buy an email list, or you can attract prospects with lead magnets. Lead magnets are simply ways to attract prospects in exchange for something valuable or exciting. They are also known as a “bribe-to-subscribe” offers. It is an incentive that you give your prospects, so they are “magnetically” drawn to give you their contact information. Plus, it’s a good way to grow your email list. Offer anything that can be sent by email. It can be a trial subscription, a free sample of a product, white papers, e-newsletters, even free consultations – anything a subscriber might find valuable. The subscriber will give you their contact information, and you will earn your lead without ever bothering them. Here are some of the best lead magnets we’ve ever seen.

1. Quizzes Interactive quizzes and gamification are powerful ways to attract leads and build your email list. Games allow you to collect information you need about your prospects. Entertain your prospects with a short and simple quiz. This is a tried and true way of acquiring leads and adding to your email list.

2. Video Guides A video or a series of videos about a subject you are an expert in: • Video guides and video courses. • Infographics. An example could be how to clean the windows in your home like a pro or how to decorate a nursery in 5 easy steps.

3. Free Online Coaching Sessions. A coaching or consulting session is another good lead magnet. This is where you help people in an online class or with a problem for free.

4. A Recipe. A recipe for a specific food or a diet are powerful way to attract subscribers. You can go international or stick with a classic American meal..

5. An Ebook or Tutorial Write a step-by-step guide for a specific task or job or a short, digital book that covers a specific subject, like how to start an investment. Plus, any kind of tutorial for children is always a good idea. Make it as simple as you can. If you are too busy to set up a lead magnet, you can buy an email list from a reliable and trusted provider. Some providers will even help you with lead magnets. We recommend the Email List Company.